Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Wear glasses while driving, it is important!

When driving, there are three very important things: good to be seen, to see and be able to anticipate danger. Before trying to pass his driver's license, a view of the control is necessary to ensure that they have good eye health. One might think a good view, but perhaps it is not sufficient for operating a motor vehicle.

The road is a permanent danger that one must be careful at every moment. not wearing glasses sanction The need to see well To see what is essential, "90% of the information necessary to conduct a pass by sight." We must see up close, to distinguish signs and identify, and good distance vision to anticipate obstacles and dangers.

The risk when lack of visibility is to delay the reaction time and not properly control and time the vehicle in case of danger. Off, according to a recent study, 1 in 5 young people would not wear his glasses or lenses for driving. Driving without his glasses can be expensive This risk behavior can be punished with a fine of € 135 and a loss of 3 points on the driving license, but also result in stoppage of the vehicle, the suspension of the driving license and the obligation to attend at its expense to awareness training in road safety. And yes ! Because this feature (if you notice during your self in school enrollment) will be specified on your license with an "port mandatory corrective lenses" (as is another handicap).

This is to prevent people with their ability to drive impaired by a more or less severe disabilities, not drive without taking the necessary precautions (here, wearing glasses or contact lenses). Many drivers do not realize the danger. It takes visual equipment suitable for a pleasant driving and safely. It is also advised to holders of lenses to always have a pair of glasses in the glove box in case of loss of lenses. Finally remember that it is certainly comfortable to wear sunglasses when it bothers you for driving, but make sure the glasses are in your view if you need a correction, and pay attention the tint of the glasses is not too dark or colored, which would alter the visibility too.

Belief, sometimes even causing a driver to be verbalized, is that a contact lens wearer motorist is obliged to have with him his glasses. The law is not as demanding.

Motorists fined for not having their glasses in their vehicle while they're driving with their contact lenses are for non-compliance with Article 221 R of the highway code. From the article R221-1 of the Highway Code "III. - Driving a vehicle without complying with the conditions of validity of the license or the use of driving restrictions is punishable by a fine for offenses of the fourth class. IV. - The immobilisation of the vehicle may be prescribed in accordance with Articles L 325-1 to L 325-3. V. - Any person guilty of an offense under this section also incur the following additional penalties: 1. The suspension, for a period of more than three years, driving license, this suspension may be limited to driving outside professional activity; 2 ° prohibition from driving certain motor vehicles, including those for which the driving license is not required, for a period of three years; 3 ° the obligation to complete, at its cost, an awareness course on road safety. VI. - The offense under III leads automatically to the reduction of three points of the driving license. " This article of the highway code is therefore not specifically refer to glasses or contact lenses. It takes an interest in successive decrees on driving licenses to understand where this misconception.


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