Saturday, October 22, 2011

Physician's Information

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Signs Of Aging

The current fashion is to rejuvenation. Everyone is hunting for wrinkles, fine lines, slip down the cheeks of jowls, the pouches under his eyes.
I stumbled upon pictures of trickery in Closer magazine in May 2010.The actress has been artificially aged by retouching photos. At left, her real photo. At right, she looks to be twenty years older. But look at this picture of aging, the shape of the face is always respected. The same oval face, same nose, same cheekbones, same chin, the absence of jowls, wrinkles and fine lines virtually nonexistent. Nasolabial wrinkles surrounding the mouth are even less pronounced than on the picture of youth. We also note the absence of dark circles and bags under the eyes, the eyelids are drooping, the eyes are almost the same shape.So why does it seem to age twenty years in the photo at right.

Beautiful Hands

Aging is also expressed by the hands. The skin fades, dotted with spots. Fat decreases, the hand is widening. The veins and tendons protrude. Fortunately, remedies began to be effective and safe. Hand creams nourish and extend it to the skin. Peels and lasers reduce stains and enhance the action of the creams. In addition, fillers currently able to fill the void left by the reduction of fat. Radiesse is the first product to be put on this indication, with very good results and good tolerance. It has the same cons-indications that hyaluronic acid that is allergy to the product, autoimmune diseases, people in poor states of health.T his product is used for filling wrinkles for over seven years and in his hands for over two years without significant complications. The granulomas can occur but do not last because the product remains in the body than from twelve to eighteen months. Hyaluronic acid can also be used for this indication. It is better tolerated, because less redness and swelling but its effectiveness lasts only six to nine months. Precisely, this inflammatory reaction caused by Radiesse is supposed to stimulate the formation of new collagen in the skin and the repair. But this is still very questionable.


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