Thursday, June 23, 2011

Weight loss pills

I take a new weight loss pills for 2 ½ months and since I lost 2.5 kg and apparently I'm still losing. In fact this is what happens: I have almost full. At lunch I eat little (whereas normally everyone said I pecks), and sometimes I have nausea. Now all foods "disgust me" (even though I was crazy before), plus I get yelled at by my love because I never finish my plate ... You go find that little is 2.5kg but for me it's huge. Of course I always wear a 38 in jeans but I became the top skeletal let alone the fact that I'm always exhausted. Conclusion: it's all because of this #1 weight loss pill in canada! I do not see anything else. it could be the stress of my exams I'm the type to "grow" due to stress. For my part, I gained weight with other pills, and since I'm from I lose the weight slowly that I took, I feel better. I just feel good! In your place I would go talk to my gynecologist to advise you that the best for your case. For as you see it all reacts differently! He may prescribe you blood tests and check that nothing is wrong on that side! And maybe advise you another pill best suited for you. Know that I, too, for almost a month I take the pill from I noticed yesterday morning that I looked thinner than last month, so I went to weigh myself and to my surprise, since February 15 exactly, I lost a little more than 2kg. I also noticed that I did not really hungry right now, my need for chocolate declined ^ ^. In addition, I regularly attacks the liver and the foods I ate smoothly in January (and before) give me nausea. I was wondering what all this was due, but you just give me the answer. Personally, I advise you to talk to your gynecologist to prescribe you a best canadian product for weight loss probably best suited to your body.


  1. Weight loss products encourage overall health. Obesity has been tied to cases of cardiac arrest, male impotence, cancer, and a whole lot more.

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  2. It should be noted though that these weight loss pills should be bought from authorized resellers.
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