Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Narconon program

The cocaine is currently one of the biggest problems of our society. Indeed, this problem affects all classes of society: rich, poor, and between each of these classes. Individuals addicted to cocaine will do almost anything to get their drugs, to get out of this we have Narconon program. Members of their families live in chaos and confusion, not understanding the mechanisms related to cocaine addiction. Cocaine is a derivative of coca leaves from the plant, which grows in South America. Cocaine was used by Indians for centuries to combat the effects of hunger, for the hard work and high altitude. In the 1800s, the effects of cocaine were praised by Freud, among others. Until 1906, this drug was a key ingredient of Coca Cola and was used as an anesthetic. The expanded use and addiction led government efforts to the detriment of cocaine in the early 1990s. The danger associated with the consumption of cocaine was ignored in the 1970s and early 1980s. Several even boasted cocaine as a safe substance. With the accumulation of medical evidence regarding the harmful effects of cocaine and its introduction and consumption expanded, the public and the Narconon centers were alarmed about its growing use. Drugs for systematic relief can sometimes be prescribed to cocaine, but they generally produce effects of short duration and tend to reduce problems related to cocaine use, such as anxiety or sleep disorders. Treatment options for longer-term cocaine users are generally offered as part of services using generic drugs. However, overall, the Narconon treatment options for cocaine problem seem developed. Things could start to change as some countries are developing new therapies targeting cocaine, as evidenced by the creation of specific services for crack cocaine users in England.

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