Thursday, December 23, 2010

Online pharmacy

The rapid growth of online pharmacy because of increasing concerns due to improper or operators of pharmacies that are not accredited could waive the current measures to protect consumers. The public could well end up with harmful or ineffective drugs, poor orders or poor distribution of pharmaceuticals, said Pharmacists Association (CPhA) in the statement that it has recently published about Canadian pharmacies operating online. The statement is available at the website CPhA In Canada, we can not fill a prescription through the Internet. The writing or sending orders electronically is prohibited. Currently, only a limited number of Canadian websites providing pharmaceutical services Internet consumers, these sites are linked to specific existing pharmacies. "The pharmacies operating on the Internet can provide valuable information like prescription drugs without a prescription but they can not replace consultation with a pharmacist or a doctor, " said Dr. Jeff Poston, CPhA's Executive Director. Potential Risks 􀂃 Some Internet pharmacies are operating illegally, bypassing the security system that provides for the approval of a drug before it is market, the designation of prescription drugs, patient assessment by a practitioner and standards governing the practice of pharmacy. Those who buy drugs on these sites are at risk of side effects caused by bad prescriptions, drug interactions, medication contaminated or ineffective, or non-approved drugs whose Safety and efficacy have not yet been established. Buying drugs on the Web eliminates the ability to view in person pharmacist, doctor or other healthcare professional. Pharmacies Internet increase the risk of counterfeiting in the enforcement. Some sites promise deep discounts, while in reality the prices of some products that are offered are higher, not including shipping costs. Potential Benefits Consumers have greater access to no prescription online pharmacy and information on health, giving them greater autonomy when it comes to taking their health. For example, sites that include links to information reliable health, such as medical libraries, universities, government agencies and associations of health. It is a convenient way to obtain information, products and services and compare prices, especially for the elderly, people with a disability, those who are housebound or who live in region away. The Internet allows consumers to order products and consult a pharmacist without leaving home.

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  1. We can't stop online pharmacy scams. The best thing we can do to prevent them from coming is to review all the details about them before dealing any transaction. online discount pharmacy



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