Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Dieta Atkins is to consume large amounts of protein and minimum carbohydrate diet. The reason that Dr. Atkins was used as follows: the body finds it easier to burn carbohydrates than protein, therefore turns carbohydrates into energy and protein stored as fat. Therefore, if we consume almost pure protein and almost no carbohydrates, the only supply of energy are fat reserves. So to survive, the body spends the accumulated fat protein, making us lose weight immediately.

The dieta mediterranea is considered one of the richest and balanced variety of foods and how to cook makes it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to care. The main characteristics of this feed are a high consumption of plant products (fruit , vegetables, legumes, nuts, bread and other cereals) wheat being the staple food, olive oil as main fat, increased consumption of poultry and fish than red meat, and regular consumption of wine in moderate amounts.

The dieta Fricker
, named after its creator, the French physician Jacques Fricker, a nutritionist at the Hospital Bichat in Paris and author of "Eat better to lose weight." Despite being known to the general public as lightning diet, the food program of Dr. Fricker is divided into two phases in reality: only the first of the two, called high-speed or commuter rail, promises a rapid and substantial weight loss, while the second allows players to achieve a slower but sustainable weight loss and helps to stabilize the weight reached the stage at high speed.

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