Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Poster Printing

We handle the Poster Printing according to your desires and your needs. To print your poster we were imaginative, artistic talent, creativity, originality and expertise that has proven itself. Large posters, bus shelters, lollipops, 4x3, doorknob shop ... Explicates The agency designs and posters all models, from small to larger sizes. Designed to be viewed from a distance, the poster is signal an event or sign of an institution (a local, stand, especially a service ...), but the signal of a single thing. The composition of the plays on graphic displays of text and image, separated or melted into one another without ambiguity to suggest an idea without naming it or putting in pictures of abstract words.

Useful information (address, date, price ...) must be clearly legible on the sign, prominently to be registered by the look that runs through the displays. Given the reading habits in French, may be in the top left or bottom right. Color management requires primarily a knowledge base as well as differences between the two most common color modes. On one side we have the RGB color mode, which add up the 3 primary colors of light (RED GREEN and BLUE) with equal intensity to white light. Being made of light colors, they fit perfectly to devices from the light, eg. our televisions, projectors and PC monitors. The prints can be produced in this color mode.

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