Saturday, July 4, 2009

Symptom 3 for stress: sudden dizziness

Cause: “some people have a tendency to breathe too shallowly when they’re tense, and this can make them feel light-headed”, says Dr.Miskowitz. Dizziness can also signal that your blood pressure has dropped because you are anxious.

Fixes: Stay hydrated and keep your blood-sugar levels steady. Drink a glass of water every hour and eat a snack (such as an apple) every few hours. If you have a dizzy spell, advises Dr.Moskowitz, sit down and try this breathing exercise: inhale slowly and fully through your nose, drawing air deep into your lungs and holding it for a moment. Then slowly exhale through your nostrils. This will increase your oxygen intake and give you a full feeling, which relaxes tour nerves system. See a doctor if dizziness strikes you more than twice. It could mean heart trouble.

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