Monday, July 20, 2009

Positive thinker is the real winner

In man you have three ways to make inputs: Mentally, Spiritually and Physically.
Man has spirit, soul and body. Man has spiritual life, mental, emotional reactions and responses.

It’s said that man and computer are the same in spirit, soul and body.
The body is equivalent to hardware, the soul, equivalent to software, and the spirit equivalent to the source of power (electricity). no matter how big, rugged or capable the hardware is, it can not do any work without computer programs (software) which is like the soul of man, the computer which gives you what you program into it, it has input and output, things like printers, scanners, monitors visual display units and so on, are attachments for the users to see or study or make use of the outputs they get. You get what you put in.

Every thought, negative or positive, comes one at a time to the door of your conscious mind, there you let it in or turn it away. Hence, to have a good life, you have to learn to say no to negative thoughts that deny your oneness with God’s good and say yes to the positive thoughts that affirm your oneness with God’s good.
“If your life is in a state of turmoil, maybe God would speak to you about change, but maybe you can’t quite hear what He’s saying, for that still, small voice can only be heard in the quietness of spirit.”

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