Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Natural treatments for skin disease

Good health is more than not being sick, of course heredity and environment play their roles, but under normal circumstances our ways of life are perhaps the single, most important factor governing our health.
There is tendency for people with oily skin to sweat more because of the pores, which usually are blocked with grease and dirt.
It is either you have an oily greasy skin or dry scaly one, but you can improve on both extremities.
In humid climate when water vapor is high ,there is tendency for the skin to be damp, although it is people who belong to the oily group that feel more the impact of this humidity, it will be good if you will follow the simple remedies/cures to stay healthy.
1.Use white handkerchief to clean up sweat, since it is good to make you stay neat rather than hiding the dirt under red, brown or other color handkerchiefs .
2. Apart from the use of handkerchiefs, you should avoid the use of body creams instead, you wash your face several times a day to keep pores open and avoid body odor and pimples.
3. You can use skin cleanser to keep your face dry.
4. A roll-on could be use for your armpits sweat, because it has a candle-like seal that covers the pores for less sweat and its resultant body odor.
5. Use wet tissue occasionally to dry your face.
6. When you are older, your skin loses elasticity and shrinks, since there is diminished sweat pores making the skin lose its luster and making it appear scaly, you must reduce vitamin A because it aids aging and loss of skin from too much of vitamin.
7. Your eczema could be as a result of contact, may be a reaction from jewelries, plant or shoes. This is contact eczema; it could be because of drugs you take like chloroqine, multivite and creams, although it is different in the individual.
8. Groin irritation due to Candida is also found in men. Tinea cruris, a fungal infection caused by fabric, e.g. under wear or wool cotton or other materials that some people do react to.
8.scabies Barbee which results from shaving, because some people do react to Blades or shaving sticks, which result into bumps in the chin area , the shaving powder you use usually have a negative reaction on some skin, it result to grey beards if you stop shaving.
The best cure for skin troubles
1. Wash trouble skin three times a day especially your face, with mild soap and lukewarm water.
2. Stop using chemical soaps to avoid skin problems
3. Use lukewarm water as it is the best cure for most sensitive skin.
4. Use a bit of powder in the absence of wet tissues.
Try herb cure for skin infections
1. Get the leaves of the ringworm plant, you mix the dried powder leaves with palm-kernel oil, apply to the body, for eczema, rashes or other skin ailments.
2. Get allover leaf, prepare gel from it, mix it with lemon juice and mix it with your bathing soap.

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