Sunday, June 21, 2009

If you play with your health your health will play with your life, either Good or Bad

Please consider these health issues and make amendment

1. Are you conscious of your health or you just flung yourself on work,
dangerous enjoyment and worries or you are protecting your self in all you do?
2. Do you check your weight every week?
3. Do you work more than eight hours a day?
4. Do you take plenty of salt which is harmful to your health?
5. Do you take soft drink everyday?
6. Do you smoke?
7. Do you take plenty of sugar?
8. Do you stay at home enough with your family or stay out most of the time?
9. Do you bleach your skin which can lead to cancer?
10. Do you take contraceptive or you just go for abortion every month?
11. Do you go for medical check up at least once a year?
12. Do you get pregnant every year?
13. Do you drink at parties, get drunk and then drive?
14. Do you exercise yourself everyday or not?
15. Do you eat fruit regularly?
16. Do you take too much meat which is dangerous to your health?
17. Do you take alcohol, very much or little or none?
18. Do you rest when you have headache or just swallow analgesic every time?
19. Do you indulge in casual sex with stranger?
20. Do you have enough sleep of up to eight hours every night?

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