Sunday, June 21, 2009

Cause of mental illness

Some of the easily identify causes are as follows:
METAPHYSICAL: This is completely spiritual. It is an insanity caused by a break in the chain of the body linking the spirit with the physical vehicle. Basically, the cause will determine the shaped the problem will taken.
The second major cause of insanity as I observed is what could be described as word of curse vented by people with extra-human power. They go a long way in influencing the life of many. I believe that some can just utter a word and render the other useless for life. We can tie the third cause to the activities of witchdoctors, they can either use a strand of one’s hair, unties or a piece of clothe to inflict calamity upon person. Once this feat is achieved, the person instantly becomes insane.
The third cause is physical, like injuries sustained in the brain from a serious accident where by blood flows freely into it. It is quite likely that an injury of this nature will always result in PSYCHIATRIC problem.

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