Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wonderful Light Fixtures for your Home

Lights make our home brighter and give a great look to the home. Lights should be choose up at the perfect place and should be fixed up perfectly. If so alone light fixtures give our home a great look. I just searched up in the internet and found an online shopping place for light fixtures and it really attracts up every visitors. It has huge list of available light fixtures in different designs and prices. Indoor light fixtures, outdoor light fixtures, chandeliers and bathroom light fixtures are also available here in best prices.
Before a week I booked a chandelier and got delivered too as said. They really provide excellent customer service on every purchase and gives up discounts on bulk purchases. I just choose up from a big list of available chandeliers and the one is choose looks up great more than what I saw in the picture. I have planned to make a big purchase of lighting fixtures from Farrey’s for my new house lights and fixtures.

Enjoy High Definition Picture Quality

High definition picture quality really rocks up with best quality and sound effects. Ordinary cable TV channels can’t make picture qualities of high resolutions and sound quality as like Direct TV system. They really give us extraordinary sound and picture quality with cheap packages that suits up in our budget. Many packages are available in different rates and with different number of channels in it. Recently I switched up to DirectTV service from the ordinary cable TV. I could see a huge difference in my TV clarity after installing directv system.
I choose up premier package with two hundred and sixty five plus channels in it. Every channel is of great sensation and quality. It just costs very cheaper when compared with other satellite TV services. Direct TV Service revolutionized the world of the dish TV services and provides best customer service round the clock. I just booked through phone by calling them in their number and got some excellent discounts too.

Clothing: the cover-up

Clothing is the more reliable way to protect your screen than sunscreen. However, the value of covering up depends on the weave, color and type of fabric. A typical white t-shirt has an SPF of only five and if it is wet considerably less. Not surprisingly, the looser the weave, the less protection, because sunlight gets through the holes. Dark colors are better than light ones because they absorb more sunlight. Polyester garments are usually more protective than cotton and linen, but it depends on the weight and the weave.

You can buy clothing that is marketed as sun protective. Sometimes it's made of fabrics that are specially treated or made of comfortable light weight nylon. Some sun-protective clothing companies use the ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) rating system developed in Australia, which has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. The UPF rating indicated how much UV radiation in both UVA and UVB wavelengths absorbed by fabric. The Australians classify any clothing with the UPF rating of 15 or over as well.

Service offered by web directories

When you are creating a new blog, it is necessary to update your blog regularly. This is important to sustain the regular visitors of your blog. You can also get visitors through search engines like Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc. This is a process done by search engine, when a user searches for particular information the search engine searches its web directory completely using the relevant key word provided by the user. If that particular key word matches with your blog then it displays your blog in the search result page.

All the search engines will have a web directory, which has lots of websites, web pages, and blogs in it. In order to place your Blog in the web directory, all you need to do is very simple steps. First, you must select the search engine in which you have decided to register your blog. Most of the search engines has free web directory. Then you must fill your blog URL, category, title, description and keywords. Be careful in selecting your keywords since it brings your blog in the search result page. While selecting your category you must be sure in your category because the search engine places your blog in the category based on the category selected by you.

If your blog is for general purpose then the category must be general. If you are using it for business purpose then the category must be business. Because when the search engine selects the suitable links for your blog, it will be very difficult if you selected the wrong category. If your blog is fully for business then the search engine’s web portal, which is responsible for the optimized search engine will provide all suitable links linked with your blog. When the user needs some business information then the search engine searches in the business web directory and provides suitable information with the links for the user in the search result page.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sore protection

Herpes viruses are ancient companions of humanity. Most people have been exposed to at least one of the eight known verities. Some well-known members of the family include Epstein-Barr, herpes zoster ( chicken pox and shingles) , and the herpes simplex virus (HSV), which comes in two types. HSV1 generally produces sores around the mouth, called cold sores or fever blisters, while HSV2 usually causes sores I the genital area.

Either virus can cause outbreaks on the mouth or genitals, though it’s true that HSV2 is less likely to be found on the mouth. Oral sex can spread virus from the one place to another. In adolescents these days, about 30 to 40 % of new cases of genital herpes infections come from HSV1, the fever blister virus. Exposure to HSV1 is very common - 50 to 80 % of the population may carry this virus. It spreads easily by kissing or other facial contact or by sharing food and eating utensils surprisingly, 90% of those with HSV2 don’t know they have it. They either have no symptoms or mild ones. And they may blame their symptoms on something else.

Sex protects heart and prolongs Life

Sex health is essential for life. At the time of erection and ejaculation, nitric oxide and endorphins are produced in the body. Which protects heart, kills pain and inflammation in the body, removes stress in the body, boost immune system. In women an extra hormone “ oxytocin ” is secured which keeps the uterus and other female organs in the healthy condition.

Besides, during a sexual activity a person burns about 300 calories, which is also a healthy factor to boost metabolism. It gives relationship a new meaning and is an expression for love. Sex can be performed at any age. The sexual weakness like poor erection, early ejaculation can be easily treated at any age. Sexual problem is a symptom of underlying illness – either mental or physical do not ignore any sexual weakness.

Heavy weight champions

Now we know why they keep throwing their weight around wherever they go. The number of extremely obese Americans has reached 4 million, up from one million in 1986, a study has found. That means one in 50 Americans is at least 100 pounds overweight. Result? Sales of extra-wide hearses are on the rise in the country. Tun king, an undertaker in Goshen, Ohio, revealed to the New York Times the tactful sales pitch: “ We say,’ Mom is not going to look comfortable in that casket.’ The family knows we mean,’ Mom wont fit’.”

And in other tragicomic news (with all due respect), a 29 year old man in Garfield, new jersey, died after he got stuck trying to reenter his locked apartment through a bathroom window. He weighed 375 pounds.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Weight Gain Is Also Due to Overeating

We are moving less and eating more. Food is cheap, at our fingertips, and calorie-heavy. Restaurant meals typically have 800 to 1000 calories, not including desert or drinks. Three square meals a day has morphed into two or three feasts sandwiched between several meal-sized snacks. If we ate 100 fewer calories each day, instead of gaining 10 pounds at the end of year, maybe we would lose 10 pounds. Small factors that we are not even aware of add 100, 200, 300 calories. Many of us are reasonably diligent about what we eat but we do not put that much thought into how much we eat. People may decide to eat Chinese food instead of pizza or fruit instead of potato chips because they are healthier. But once they make the initial choice, they tend to not monitor how much they eat. And a pound of grapes is not calorie free. However, Weight Gain Is Also Due to Overeating is true.

Do larger portions make us eat more?

Yes. We went to movie theatres in Chicago and randomly gave people either medium or large buckets of popcorn. We found out that people who were given big buckets ate roughly 50 per cent more than they ate roughly the people who were given smaller buckets. But if you asked them to estimate how many grams or calories they had eaten, there was no difference between what the two groups reported. The people who got the larger buckets ate 31 percent more than the people who got the medium buckets did. And, again, both groups thought they had eaten the same amount of popcorn.

Cheap Laptops

Computers are really a great thing in the world and laptops really rocks up in this mobile world. Through laptop we could make any works that could be performed using computers and everything could be carried out remotely. Laptops are nowadays hugely used up in medical world. They really provide excellent support for both patients and doctors.
To buy a good laptop we should consider much of the quality and the lifetime usage of the laptop we going to purchase. As we are busy with our routine works we can’t spend more time to analyze these statistics and buy the laptop. And so the best way is just visiting the rating or review sites that provide excellent review about the product. I just really searched up some netbook to buy for my business purpose. I got a great review from an online place called save buckets and am really satisfied with the review they provide on each product.
Laptops available over there where really interesting and they provide rate comparison for each product which helps us make a note of the rates and buy at the right place. I bought a laptop from the site provided in the online place. And now laptop rocks up with extraordinary features and with excellent quality at a best price.

Home loan Modification

Loan modification really makes up external support for house owners and it’s really a wonderful help than any other thing in the world. Loan modifications should be calculated and done exactly by expertise home loan modification attorneys. I just got into a terrific situation recently and home has gone up to foreclosure because of my bad financial situation. At that time I searched up in the internet to stop foreclosure of my home. I got a online place where attorneys where available who could make modifications for home loans.
I made an online query through the internet by filling up the form provided by them, where I entered just the name, address, city, state, phone, and email address. Then I got a call from them regarding the procedures and they came and meet us at my place. Attorneys helped us by modifying the terms of my mortgage to reduce the payments and reduced the capital balance of my mortgage and stopped my home foreclosure. I really thank them a lot; otherwise I can’t even imagine my future.

Childrens gift shop

Hello friends, I am here to guide you something about a shopping place where you find lots and lots of gifts for children, kids and many more. I use to purchase many and many products from this shopping site. Recently I saw some extraordinary personalized children's plates and place mats. It’s really wonderful to see such good items over here. Sixty eight different types of plates are available over here with different place mats.
Another superb product I saw over there recently was gifting items of cookie wedding favor and candies. In this they provide up word structure over the gift items and so it could be given to some others in wedding functions and in some other functions. Ezy-roller an extraordinary wheel cart for kids which provides them, excellent hit for kids. It is specially made for 3-14 years of Child's. It has some wheels in the front and two wheels in the back to run through. Replacement wheels where also available at affordable price to replace with damaged wheels.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Medical science to re-grow hair part 1

Follicular unit micro-grafting (FUT)- a novel way of getting real hair back on your scalp is proven to be boon to a generation of bald/balding people. They no longer have to suffer wearing a wig/weaving. Nor do they have to keep applying messy oils or potentially harmful medicines hoping to get dubious results.

Scientist claim FUT is based on the decades old find that hair grows as they would at their original location even if they are removed from there to a new area of skin in the same person. This is called the principle of donor dominance.

Using this logic, doctors take hair follicles from the sides and back of head and graft them in a bald/balding spot. These grafted hair then start growing and can be repeated cut or even shaved. They just grow back again.

Medical science to re-grow hair part 2

Thousands of hair follicles can be extracted from the donor area, for grafting to give a very natural looking hair re-growth. Those wishing very dense hair growth, can even opt for getting the innumerable permanent hair growing allover our body drafted over the head. Science is truly reaching new frontiers where bald men are concerned. But there are other beneficiaries also viz people who lost their hair due to a burn, injury, scar, accident etc.

Now these people with seemingly irremediable deformities can seek to have them concealed under fresh hair growth. Since FUT uses one’s own body hair, it is as close to a 100% natural treatment as one can possibly get. So say goodbye to artificial weaving (artificial hair patches) or long term medications and get back real growing hair to last you a life time.

Check whether the product is clinically certified

Be careful before buying a medical based product, check its expiry date, manufacture date, whether it is clinically certified and tested by a world renowned Doctors. Especially for those who needs a penis enlargement it is safe to select the device type medical product instead of taking medication. Since medication may have some side effects like reducing the amount of sperms. Everyone must select the safer side before being affected by the side effects. There are many advantages in using x4 product such as it provides increased traction, improved blood circulation and maximum comfort. Where as improving the blood circulation will maintain the blood pressure and prevent from heart attack. Such kind of treatment may lead to heart attack but it was controlled here while using x4 product. This product may also provide male enhancement for those who require such enhancements but in a safest manner and controls risks. Male enhancement pills produce the result in three months, a inch for a month as it is an permanent gain in penis length and girth.

Comfort your mind with the help of DirecTV

Whenever we are tired of doing continuous work and whenever we have a mental stress, we need some relaxation to comfort our mind. Or else it may result in a headache and the continuous headache may even lead to a brain tumor. So that it is must to have a relaxation, especially the people who have high blood pressure or else the stress may lead them to heart attack. While dealing about the relaxation it is best to prefer the television where as there are many channels available now a days. But we must be very careful in selecting the service.

There are lots of service providers available but I prefer the Direct TV service that provides more than 265 channels. Moreover, there are multiple packages available in DirectTV like premier, choice, Family. DirectTV provides not only the TV channels but also the satellite radio channels, broadband service. Subscribing to Direct TV
system the user may comfort his mid while being at home.

Be careful in selecting your Best satellite TV

When we go for shopping we must be sure in selecting the best product in the market, whatever the thing may be but it must be a best quality that’s our expectation. Only when we select the best quality product we will be fully satisfied until then we used to search for the best one. While selecting the satellite TV service it is better to select Direct TV service. They provide also the satellite radio service along with more than 265 channels. And many packages were available which was provided by DirectTV. It provides not only the satellite TV and satellite radio service but also the broadband service called as Hugesnet broadband that can be ordered through online in easy three steps whereas DirectTV provides free installation. Direct TV service provides offer of three months free subscription to starring HBO, Showtime, StarZ. It also provides the order through online in their website. When selecting the satellite TV I will surely prefer Direct TV system rather than any other service providers.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Be careful in selecting the surgeon

There will be always an option for every thing. If we decided to go by bus we will approach the bus stand, by chance if we missed the bus then we will select the option such as train and then we will proceed to the railways. Similarly if we met with an accident like cuts or burns in our skin, it may appear like a scar in the wounded spot. In such situation we must select the option called plastic surgery. But we must be very careful in selecting the surgeon for the plastic surgery. Because if we select the wrong surgeon who may not have much experience, in such condition if the surgery was not successful then it would be very difficult to again try the surgery in the same spot. So while selecting we must be very care full. Once when I met with an fire accident, my friend suggested me an in Manhattan Plastic Surgeon who were more experienced in plastic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

Surgery is really an amazing and an extraordinary thing in the medical world. It really provides the affected patient a great comeback. Some peoples who lost their face structure and damaged nose have gone sour because of their loss of face structure. But plastic surgery could make them comeback to their old life style. Some make cosmetic surgery just for beauty, breast enhancement and it had become as a fashion nowadays.
Plastic Surgeons for breast surgery, body contouring, facial plastic surgery, facial rejuvenation where available in a single online place. They really provide excellent surgical treatment for the above surgeries. My friend has gone through a very bad accident and lost his face structure. He just gone through this online website and undergone a surgical treatment. And now he has got a good face structure after he undergone a plastic surgery for his damaged nose. It’s really wonderful to see such a good and perfect surgical treatment. They provide surgery for face, cosmetic surgery and for breast.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Get relieved from mental stress by getting guidance

In each and every work we prefer guidance rather than doing it by our own. For example if you are visiting a tourist place which is new place for you, in such situation you will surely hire a guide who will guide you the entire tourist spot. If you are trying to visit the tourist spot without the help of guide you may not know the importance of that spot. Similarly when you want to buy a new luggage you must surely prefer a guide which will explain about all the bags. When I missed my laptop bag somewhere I decided to buy a new one. At that time I enquired my friend about the best shop for buying laptop bag and he gave an excellent guide called shop wiki, it is a website which guides us also about the luggage. I visited that website and I saw lot of well designed laptop bags. It helped me a lot to select my bag; if I did not find that website it would be surely a great mental stress for me to select the shop and the bag.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How to know when you have cancer

Cancer develops frequently in skin, mouth or gastro-intestinal organs.
Wherever there is chronicle inflammation or irritation, cancer is more likely to occur.

1. When you noticed unusual bleeding or discharge from your body openings.
2. When you are having persistent indigestion or difficulty in swallowing.
3. When you are having a chronic cough or frequent hoarseness.
4. You noticed lump or thickening in your breast or elsewhere.
5. When you have Sore that don’t heal in time.
6. When you may have noticed any change in wart or there is mole in your skin.
7. When you noticed that there is a change in your bowel and a change in your bladder activities.

How to avoid cancer
1. You must abstain your self from inhaling fumes especially tobacco smoke.
2. Wash you mouth and teeth frequently.
3. You must examine your physical body occasionally.
4. When you suspect that you have problem with your tissues, get it treated.
5. Keep your skin clean.
6. Avoid having persistent cough.
7. Do not where clothes that are too tight, it can cause irritation.
8. Avoid fats and Sugars refined foods.

Pre-hire a car to save energy and time

Once I went to London to attend a conference. When I reached the Liverpool airport I thought that the company would send me a driver to pick me, and I was waiting for a long time at the entrance of the airport. Then I got a call from the board of members that they are waiting for me in the hotel. Then I hired a taxi and went to hotel. At that time I realized that it was wastage of energy and time, waiting for other’s car. After the conference gets over I reached my home country. When I shared this strange this strange experience with my friend, he explained me about pre-hiring a car in airport through Internet. The next time when I had a promotion and transfer to Spain, I wanted to pre-hire a car through Internet. I searched through Google and I got the excellent website called easycar.com which provided many facilities and options in their website. I selected the airport as Malaga airport and I hired the luxury car for 3 days. It became my excellent journey with the help of the pre-hired car. The people over there in Malaga called this excellent service as car hire Malaga airport.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

If you play with your health your health will play with your life, either Good or Bad

Please consider these health issues and make amendment

1. Are you conscious of your health or you just flung yourself on work,
dangerous enjoyment and worries or you are protecting your self in all you do?
2. Do you check your weight every week?
3. Do you work more than eight hours a day?
4. Do you take plenty of salt which is harmful to your health?
5. Do you take soft drink everyday?
6. Do you smoke?
7. Do you take plenty of sugar?
8. Do you stay at home enough with your family or stay out most of the time?
9. Do you bleach your skin which can lead to cancer?
10. Do you take contraceptive or you just go for abortion every month?
11. Do you go for medical check up at least once a year?
12. Do you get pregnant every year?
13. Do you drink at parties, get drunk and then drive?
14. Do you exercise yourself everyday or not?
15. Do you eat fruit regularly?
16. Do you take too much meat which is dangerous to your health?
17. Do you take alcohol, very much or little or none?
18. Do you rest when you have headache or just swallow analgesic every time?
19. Do you indulge in casual sex with stranger?
20. Do you have enough sleep of up to eight hours every night?

Satellite Internet Broadband

Internet plays a major role in everyone’s day-to-day life. Surfing should not be interfered with any problems caused due to the internet service provider. So that choosing up the best internet service provider will avoid such issues. I have Hughes internet which provides me excellent and uninterpretable internet service every time. It’s cheap and affordable for every one. The speed provided by Hughes net is really excellent than any other internet service provider. It is available all over the United States and the speed offered by Hughes net is 50 times faster than dial-up. They really provide excellent service availability round the clock. Book a connection and get $50 visa card free for every booking of Hughes net internet connection.
Hughes internet is a satellite internet and so it never gets interrupted in any circumstances like flood, tornado and any other natural disasters. As it was a Broadband Internet the download speed is much higher and never goes down for any download you make through the internet. Hughes Net is very helpful for business peoples to make up their data’s and transactions secure. Hughes Net uses top of the line anti-virus and anti-spam protection. Safe shopping could be done on using this ISP because of the wonderful protection provided by them. No attackers could attack us on using Hughes Net.

Cause of mental illness

Some of the easily identify causes are as follows:
METAPHYSICAL: This is completely spiritual. It is an insanity caused by a break in the chain of the body linking the spirit with the physical vehicle. Basically, the cause will determine the shaped the problem will taken.
The second major cause of insanity as I observed is what could be described as word of curse vented by people with extra-human power. They go a long way in influencing the life of many. I believe that some can just utter a word and render the other useless for life. We can tie the third cause to the activities of witchdoctors, they can either use a strand of one’s hair, unties or a piece of clothe to inflict calamity upon person. Once this feat is achieved, the person instantly becomes insane.
The third cause is physical, like injuries sustained in the brain from a serious accident where by blood flows freely into it. It is quite likely that an injury of this nature will always result in PSYCHIATRIC problem.

Treatments for symptoms

Symptoms like cold, fever and other illness can be managed at home using treatment like herbal medicines or alternative medicines. For minor level discomforts, symptoms treatment can be done using traditional procedures like use of ointments, herbs. There are many treatments available for the symptoms like cold, cough, rashes. The most common symptom such as allergic reaction to some environmental factor must me considered because it may emerge as fever, cold or rashes. For the treatment for symptoms and Cures for Ailments it is safe to consult the doctor which is found by the researchers. Self medication does not work for ever. Many people who treat using self medication were ended up in worsening situation.
I just got a problem like this and I was not able to cure it by myself using the local medicines. Understand the issues related to cures for ailments with the Amen Clinics, an institution founded by Dr Daniel Amen. Know more about the Amen Clinic's profile here. I just visited Amen’s clinic and now am free of all my problems.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Automotive Car Polisher

Hello friends, I am here to tell you something interesting to maintain the color of your car polish through an extraordinary car polishing tool. With this tool I made my car polishing work easily and now my car has become very young and shining as like when I bought it. I saw an wonderful shopping place with lots of automotive car polishers. It’s really wonderful and fascinating to use it up. It makes my work easy and my car got a new look.
Looking on the rates of the products is really affordable when compared with the excellent output. I bought foam pads and also later Sonus SFX Foam pads. Sonus works great than the previous. It fixed my car’s damages caused by the sun, contamination, foreign objects and washing and drying with poor quality wash mitts and towels. They provide the way to polish which will yield good results. It really won‘t hurts your car paints; it gives up good shining to your car.

Health problems can be treated spiritually

Many health and social related problems like business, marriage, sorcery, witchcraft and others can be treated spiritually, through psychic healing, nature healing and absent healing.
In 1970, there was a man who finds it difficult to sleep at night. He always wake up weak in the morning with marks all over his body. He ran bankrupt. Also, it was revealed that his luck has been destroyed by the witches. Everything was taken away from him. After spiritual healing with fasting, everything thing came back to normal. He became okay and everything started going on smoothly.
Through the power of exercising, healing can be found for the deaf and dump, devilish power of witches and wizards could be commanded out of life of people so that they can continue to live a peaceful life.
Nowadays men employ hypnosis for cures of all manner of diseases and the hypnotic trance is used to restore hearing, to cure diabetic condition, alcoholism and drug addiction.
Thank God, that I have the privilege of witnessing spiritual activities with spiritual people who have the abilities and full authorities to help alleviate the evil forces in psychic behavior help human beings in perspective, help in psychic projection of feelings and also help to radiate in order to approach the reality and of miracles.
Hypnotherapists even employ regression. This is the method whereby the patient is made to go back in consciousness to an earlier stage in his or her life in order to affect cure.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Coronado Homes

Coronado Homes are really beautiful and awesome. Many homes are available for sale over there. Latest report says around 321 homes are available for sale in Coronado. Many got afraid of investing in the real estate of San Diego because of the fall of stock market dropping to 40% in the past 6 months. People started buying the homes in the Coronado islands in the last 2 months and it will slowly increasing in the future.
Coronado real estates price will rise up in the coming months because of the demand for Coronado homes in the spring and peaks in the summer seasons. Coronado homes.biz really provides excellent service for Coronado home buyers. Totally this site helps out to get more relevant information for Coronado real estate. Those who interested in Coronado real estate can make use of Coronado homes.biz to get the day-to-day news about Coronado real estate. I just got this site from a friend when I was asking up for a real estate idea about Coronado homes. I am too looking forward for a bank loan to purchase a Coronado home.


For doing each and every work a person may find some help, which can assist them to finish the task perfectly. Similarly in Tax Planning there are many firms available to take the mystery out of tax planning and preparation, doesn't matter you are an individual or multi-national company. They may explain each intricate issue you may face as a business owner each day in terms you can understand. Their approach to tax planning and counseling may draw upon the vast tax experience. They can also assist those who temporarily sent abroad on long term assignment. They can handle International tax attorney from individuals and multiple residences. They have a national team of international tax attorneys, who brings together the best resource from around the country in customer's need. There are some tax compliance professionals who were encouraged to develop advance strategies for tax based on economic substance. They go beyond basic tax planning and started preparing federal and state tax returns.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Master the Art of the Pull Up

Here's how to hoist yourself into the 30Th percentile: Set a box under the chin-up bar and grab the bar with an underhand grip, your hands about shoulder- width apart. Jump up so your chin is over the bar. Take 6 to 10 seconds to lower yourself. Then jump back up and repeat. Do one set of four repetitions, and build up to two or three sets of three to five repetitions. After two weeks, you should be able to do a couple of chin-ups. Continue with the other exercises until you can do two or three sets of six to eight chin-ups. Then try pull-ups, which are the same exercise only with an overhand grip. You're really a stud when you can do wide-grip pull-ups- your hands about double shoulder – width apart- for six to eight repetitions per set.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Biggest Landlocked countries

A landlocked country has no coastline. This means that it has no direct access to the sea and fishing. Also, people and goods traveling to and from the country must go through another country. This may be difficult or expensive.
There are more than 40 landlocked countries in the world. The largest, Kazakhstan, has a coast on the Caspian Sea – which is a landlocked sea. The largest landlocked European country is Hungary (92,300 sq km). Europe also contains the world’s smallest landlocked countries- Andorra, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Vatican City. All are less than 500 sq km in size. Liechtenstein and Uzbekistan are both double-landlocked. This means that they are surrounded by other landlocked countries.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Healing Power of Your Pals

It's been known for a while that our relations with other can affect longevity- married men, for instance, live longer than unmarried ones on average. But a new Australian study suggests that it's not just close family that counts. Monitoring 1477 people over the age of 70 for ten years, scientists found that those with the strongest network of friends tended to live longest, where as contact with relatives didn't make much difference. The team suggest that friends might affect health behavior such as smoking and drinking, as well as boosting mood and self-esteem, which can have a positive physiological effect in the same way stress can have a negative one.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Gentler Way To Lose Weight

You may have thought yoga was strictly for the mystics. Well, think again. Research in washington shows that 45 – 55 year olds who regularly practise are better able to fight “middle-age apread,” while those already overweight are more likely to slim down. Interestingly, few people practise yoga vigorously enough to burn many calories doing it. The study authors peculate that yoga instead makes you more “body aware” and perhaps teaches youdiscipline that you can apply in other areas of life.
There are some yoga tips which may help you
Find an edge where you are challenged but not overwhelmed.
Pay more attention to the internal experience than the outer permonance.
Try to become more aware of even your smallest movements.
Note what you are saying to yourself as you practise- be sure to appreciate your own efforts.

Monday, June 8, 2009

What controls thyroid?

Another endocrine gland called pituitary secretes a hormone called thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) which acts on the thyroid specifically and directly. TSH stimulates and controls various steps involved in the synthesis and secretion of thyroid hormones. TSH senses the existing thyroid hormone levels and works as required, to maintain the desired levels.

Role of Iodine in thyroid
The thyroid hormones are made up of iodine and it thus plays a crucial role in thyroid functioning. Iodine deficiency leads to thyroid disorders. Iodine is obtained from the dietary intake, which in turn, depends on the iodine content in the soil and water in a particular locality. Studies of a locality may indicate the need for supplementation of iodine in salt and bread.

Titanic Moon (Titan the largest Moon of Saturn)

Titan is largest of Saturn’s 34 moons. It is 5,150km in diameter-larger than the planets Mercury and Pluto. Dutch astronomer Christian Huygens discovered Titan in 1655. We still have no idea what its surface looks like because Titan has a dense atmosphere containing nitrogen, ethane and other gases which shroud its surface- not unlike that of Earth four billion years ago.
Information sent back by the space probe Voyager 1 during 1980 and recent radio telescope observations suggest that Titan may have ethane “oceans” and “continents” of ice or other solid matter. Cassini, a space probe launched by NASA and the European Space Agency, arrived in Saturn’s orbit on 1 July 2004. On 14 January 2005 it launched the Huygens probe on to the surface of Titan and sent back scientific data.

The International Date Line

The Earth makes one complete turn in every 24 hours. In that time, each of the 360 degrees of longitude passes the sun. This means that time progresses eastwards by four minutes for every degree of longitude.
The International Date is an imaginary line running between the North and South Poles which marks the end of one day and beginning of another. Countries to the east of the Date Line are always a day ahead of those to the West. Travelers who cross the line either gain or lose a day, depending on which direction they are going.
Most of the Date Line follows the 180 degree Meridian (on the opposite side of the globe from 0 Degree, the Greenwich Meridian). The line generally passes through sea, but where it would pass through or near certain land areas, it is adjusted. It zigzags around islands, putting them either into the west or the east, and avoids dividng Siberia into two time zones.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Dance Marathons

Dance marathons began in New York in 1923, when Alma Cummings won a contest by dancing for 27 hours with six different partners. Marathons were popular during the Depression years of the 1930s, when unemployed people danced non-stop for many days to win money. The last couple standing won. Dancers were allowed only very short breaks and partners pinched and kicked each other to stay awake or tied themselves together to prevent one from falling down. Dance marathons were banned in many places because they were so dangerous for people’s health.
Mike Ritof and Edith Boudreaux danced from 29 August 1930 to 1 April 1931 at the Merry Garden Ballroom, Chicago, USA, to win a prize of $2,000. They danced for a total of 5,154 hours 28 minutes and 30 seconds (215 days) with only short rest breaks.

The relation between weight and thyroid

What we eat should be converted into energy for a normal and healthy life, in a hypothyroidism, due to paucity of hormones, the energy conversion is reduced. Hence fat accumulation and weight increase are very common in hypothyroid patients. Once diagnosed and treated, however, the supplemented thyroid hormones tune up the metabolic system and hence the excess weight will be reduced. In hypothyroidism, the hormones are in excess. So they burn out the energy more than required, resulting in heavy loss of weight. Some patients even lose10 kilos in just a month or 2. Thus, weight and stamina are two main criteria in thyroid evaluation.

Greatest Waterfalls based on Volume of Water

The flow of many waterfalls varies according to the season, and some have been reduced by building dams to harness their power for hydroelectric plants. The flow of the Boyoma waterfall is equivalent to 17 million liters a second – enough to fill more than 140,000 baths per second, or enough for every person on Earth to have two baths a day!
Boyoma (Stanley) waterfalls in Dem. Rep. of Congo is the world’s greatest waterfalls with an average flow of 17,000 m3 / sec. Khone waterfall is in Laos and its average flow is 11,330 m3/ sec. Niagara (Horseshoe) waterfall in Canada has an average water flow of 5,830 m3/ sec is the world’s third largest waterfall. Grande is the world’s third largest waterfall in Uruguay and it has an average water flow of 4,500 m3/ sec. The fifth largest waterfall in the world is Paulo Afonso in Brazil.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star………..

Hello friends, am here to tell you something about stars, which rocks up when you see them at night at sky. Stars seem to twinkle because we see them through the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. As light passes through these layers, it is distorted so that the amount we actually see changes constantly. The stars nearest the horizon appear to twinkle the most because the light is passing through a greater depth of atmosphere. Stars do not twinkle when viewed from space, which is why telescopes in space, such as the Hubble, give the best possible view of distant stars and galaxies.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Important of thyroid function in pregnancy

During pregnancy, the requirement of thyroid hormones is increased (for child also) and hence, the thyroid patient should be monitored closely in the first and second trimester. Both the mother and foetus require optimum hormone levels. In hypothyroid pregnant patient, the dose monitoring should be done more frequently and with extra care. It is known that, deficiency of thyroid hormones can cause irreversible damage to both physical and mental growth of the foetus. Hence it is recommended that, a good endocrinologist be approached for better management.

Telecom Time line

In the early years of telecommunications, the only way of linking one telephone with another was by fixed cables. Links between continents relied on cables under the sea. The invention of radio brought the first wireless communications, but because the surface of the Earth is curved these signals could not travel far.
Satellites changed everything. They sit at an exact height above the Earth’s equator (usually around 35,000 km) and they rotate at the same speed as the Earth spins. This means that they stay in a fixed position. Telephone signals can be sent to the satellites and bounced back to Earth. Everywhere on the planet can be covered by only five or six satellites, except for the poles and surrounding areas, which are out of their range.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thyroid gland

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped organ (or gland) located in the front of the neck, just below the voice box. Like the liver, heart, kidney and brain, the thyroid has a specific function and role to play. In a normal adult, the thyroid normally weighs 15 to 25 grams. It is known that, it starts functioning even before birth. Thyroid secretes two metabolically important hormones, called T3 and T4, which are vital for physical and mental growth.T3 and T4, the thyroid hormones, control various metabolic activities essential for energy, growth and development of the body. These two hormones are required every minute by every organ, tissue and cell. The thyroid, should secrete them in specific quantities, and if more or less than the required quantity is produced, certain health complications arise. These complications need to be diagnosed and treated in time.

Naming the Space Shuttles

Unlike space rockets, NASA’s space shuttles, or orbiter vehicles, were designed to be re-used. Each has a name, but every mission on which it goes is given a unique number.
The acronym STS (Space Transportation System) has been used throughout the shuttle programme. The first nine flights were simply numbered STS – 1 (12-14 April 1981) to STS-9.A more complicated system was then used, but the original system of STS + number has been revived. They do not always fellow precise numerical order, as missions may be delayed and a later-numbered mission may have to take place before a previous one can be rescheduled.
Five Space shuttles were built. Of these, Discovery (first launch 1984), Atlantis (1985) and Endeavor (1992) remain in service. Challenger was destroyed during his 10th mission (STS- 51- L) on 28 January 1986 and Columbia was lost on re-entry from its 28th mission (STS-107) on 1 February 2003.
Endeavor was named after a competition among American Schoolchildren. Its name commemorates that of 18th- century British explorer captain James Cook’s ship, which sank in Newport Harbor, Rhode Island, in 1778.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who should be tested for thyroid?

Some individuals are more likely than others to have thyroid problem. These include
Women above 40 years of age,
Women who have recently given birth,
Those having high cholesterol,
Those who have lost or gained 2 kilos in 2-3 months,
Those who feel exhausted and fatigued,
Those with abnormalities in menstrual history,
Those suffering from infertility,
Those with a family history of thyroid disease.

The Birth of the Burger

The name hamburger is nothing to do with ham, but comes from the German city of Hamburg. A burger was originally called a Hamburg steak. In 1889, the word hamburger first appeared in a restaurant review in the US newspaper Walla Walla union. It was in a phase that was itself a mouthful: “You are asked if you will have pork chop beef steak ham and egg hamburger steak Oliver and bacon.”
Hamburger really tastes much better than any other. It really keeps us out of hungry. It has lot of fresh vegetables and looks cool and healthy for us.

Invention of Roman Numerals

Roman numbers are made up from seven letters (I, V, X, L, C, M and D). A small numeral in front of a larger one is subtracted from it, so 90 is written as X (10) and subtracted from C (100) – XC. A small number after a larger one is usually added to it- for example, XI (11).
Roman numerals are still in use today, you can find them in the introduction pages of books (I, II, III, IV, etc), on traditional clock and watch faces, in film and TV credits (2007 will appear as MMVII), in serial film titles (Such as Star Wars: Episode III-Revenge of the sith). They are also used in the names of sporting events – the Beijing 2008 Olympics will be XXIX (29th) Games and the 2007 American Football Super Bowl will be the XLI (41st) final.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cables under the Sea

Telegraph cables came into use in the 1840s. Soon after that attempts were made by experts to lay telegraph cables across the rivers and between islands and main lands. Most didn’t work.
In 1850 the first cable was laid across the English Channel. The cable had to be strong enough to resist attack by salt water, ocean currents and water pressure, so had a thick, water-resistant cover made of steel. Inside were copper wires that carried the power and signal.
Technical improvements and the demand for faster communication encouraged companies to try laying cables over even greater distances. Several attempts to lay cables across the Atlantic failed when the cables snapped, but one was completed in 1858.
To mark the occasion, Queen Victoria sent a telegraph to President Buchanan in the USA. It took almost 18 hours to transmit her 99-word message! Attempts were made to increase the pace by raising the voltage, but this quickly burned out the cable.
In 1865 the world’s largest ship at that time, the Great eastern, laid the first countries cable across the Atlantic. It was the only ship of that time to carry a cable long enough.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Groups of star form patterns in the night sky, which are called constellations. There are 88 well known constellations. The Sumerians, a Middle Eastern civilization, probably named them about 5,000 years ago. They called them after the shapes, objects or animals that they thought they looked like, or after mythological characters.
The largest is Hydra, the sea serpent, and the smallest is Crux Australis, the Southern Cross. Centaurus, the Centaur, has the most stars that can be seen with naked eye (a total of 94). Others include Aquila, the Eagle; Draco, the Dragon; Canis Major, the great Dog; and Orion, the Hunter.


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