Sunday, May 31, 2009


Geysers are jets of boiling water and steam that erupt from beneath the ground where water is heated by volcanic activity. The name geyser comes from a hot spring called Geysir at Haukadalur, Iceland.
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, USA has more geysers than anywhere else. There are 500 active ones including Steamboat Geyser, which erupts to a height of 120m, and Old Faithful geyser, which erupts about every 91 minutes. It’s really tremendous to see any Geysers which come out of the ground drastically.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

CO2 is the Worst Polluter of Earth

Carbon Di Oxide (CO2) pollution enters the atmosphere from three main sources- burning fossil fuel (coal and oil), cement manufacturing and gas burning. These figures show the total amounts produced by some of the leading industrial countries in the 200 years from 1800 to 2000.
CO2 is produced naturally by animals, forest fires and other sources. But natural production has been overtaken by the amount produced by transport, manufacturing and other human activities. More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases the amount of heat absorbed, and this leads to global warming. CO2 emissions by US countries in the year 1800-2000 are 301,279,000,000 tonnes of carbon. In Russian countries 86,705,000,000 tonnes of carbon are emitted in the same year gap of 1800-2000.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Don't kill lives-with you blood

Though blood bank all over the world often face acute shortages it needs only a pure blood and not an impure blood which kills lives. So before donating blood check whether you are an eligible person for donating blood.

Please don't donate blood:
If you suffer from AIDS, hepatitis B and C, cancer, any chronic heart, liver kidney or lung disease.
If you tend to blood excessively.
If you are addicted to drugs.

Now don't get put off by these don'ts . The fact remains that the large majority of us are normally without these problems and clearly able to donate. Remember that donating blood is simple, painless procedure-and a gesture that will touch many lives. You can donate blood even for yourself, days before a surgery you're about to have-a very safe choice proper assessment by your doctor.

Save lives- With your Blood

BLOOD BANKS all over the world often face acute shortages. Here's what you should know:
You can donate Blood:
Four times a year, if you're in good health with normal body temperature, pulse rate and blood pressure.
If you are above 18 and under 60.
If your weight atleast 45 kilos.
If your haemoglobin level is 12.5 grams per decilitre and above.

You are temperorly debarred from donating:
If you are suffering from or had-- in the recent pastjaundice, typhoid, malaria, measles, mumps, chicken pox or flu.
During pregnancy and for a year after a delivery
if you have just been vaccinated.
If you underwent an operation and have yourself received blood transfusion.
If you are under prescription medication.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scam of Ramalinga Raju- Founder of Satyam Computers

Hello friends, I hope you people saw the latest scandal by India’s fourth largest software company, Satyam. Satyam computers were started in 1987. Ramalinga Raju the founder of Satyam Computers is the master brain behind the biggest scam of a software firm in Indian history. Ramalinga Raju has forged around twenty crore rupees every month from the year 2003. It’s really a bit big amount. He just transferred his money in his concern companies, which may not be took out easily if they get caught. The police first arrested Ramalinga Raju and the CFO Vadlamani Srinivas for the forged documents case and later the financial consultants and the bookkeepers of the firm.
After the arrest of the founder and their resignations from their posts, Satyam has appointed the new members to the board. The new members are C.Achutan, Kiran Karnik and Deepak Parekh. Satyam is looking the help of the banks to distribute salaries to their employees.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Worst Oil Tanker Spills in to the Sea

About two million tonnes of oil are spilled into the sea every year from oil tankers, mostly during collisions or other accidents when they are on their way to the destination. These spilling will drastically affect the birds and animals. Most spills are small around 7 tonnes or less, but some are much more serious. When huge quantities of oil are discharged into the sea and washed up on shorelines they harm many birds and other creatures.
The 1989 grounding of the Exxon Valdez in Prince William Sound, Alaska, Caused the USA’s worst oil spill. The amount spilled was much smaller in quantity than the spills listed (35,000) tonnes, but thousands of birds, fish, sea otters, Seals and killer whales were killed.
Atlantic Empress and Aegean captain, off Tobago spilled out 287,000 tonnes of oil in the year 1979. Another such incident is by ABT summer, off Angola in the year 1991, spilled out 260,000 tonnes of oil approximately. Castillio de Bellver, off Saldanha Bay, South Africa in the year 1983, spilled out 252,000 tonnes of oil approximately. These are some of the biggest oil spills by oil tankers in the past years.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Largest Deserts in the World

Deserts cover about a quarter of the world’s land area. They range from extremely arid and barren sandy deserts (about four percent of the total land surface of the globe), through arid (15 pre cent) to semi-arid. Most deserts have features of all these, with one zone merging into the next, so the start and finish of any deserts are broken down by geographers into smaller desert regions- the Australian desert includes the Gibson, Great Sandy, Great Victoria and Simpson, for example.
The first largest desert is the Sahara desert which is located in Northern America and it covers approximately 9,100,000 square kilometers. The second largest desert is the Australian deserts which includes Gibson, Great Sandy, Great Victoria and Simpson which is located in Australia covering a 3,400,000 square kilometers approximately. Arabian Peninsula is the third largest desert which covers 2,600,000 square kilometers and it is located in South West Asia. The fourth and the fifth largest deserts are Turkestan and Gobi respectively.

Emperor Penguins

Penguin looks very beautiful and many cartoons have been designed by animators with the penguin characters which attract the children much. There are 17 types of penguin and Emperor penguins are the largest of all, growing up to 1.3m tall and weighting up to 45kg. They live in the Antarctica, one of the coldest places in Earth, where there are an estimated 200,000 breeding pairs.
The female Penguin lays a single egg, and then sets out to sea to feed while the male guards the egg for about 2 months. He keeps the egg warm by balancing it on his feet, beneath his body. Young chicks stay with their mothers for about 7 weeks, and then gather together in a group, or creche to keep warm.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


If you ask your family members whether they have a headache everyone will say that they are having or they had. The major factor for the headache is environmental stress. There is an environmental stress with other people and situations, at home, work and everywhere. Yet paradoxically it is when stress stops, the headache hits many individuals. The hard driving individuals rarely have complaint of headache. But when he relaxes headache comes for him. That is the weekend headache, headache after hangover, during and after vigorous sports like tennis. You may ask how relaxation brings on a headache. That is vast majority of the headaches are probably due to alternations in the blood flow. But it’s different from blood pressure.

Meow if you hate smoking

Smokers and nonsmokers alike have had their conciousness raised about the effects of secondhand smoke an humans. But, until now, no one had considered cats. A recent study in the american journal of epidermiology found that cats living with a smoker are twice as likely to develop lymphoma, the most common cancer in cats, as are those in smoke- free homes. Felines living with two smokers face four times the risk. Cats may be particularly affected by household smoke (including fireplace smoke) because they spend so much time indoors and because, when grooming, they ingest particles that have fallen on their fur. Aside from quiting, smokers can minimize the risk to their cats by keeping them out of rooms where people light up. Brushing or bathing the cats may also help.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Business ties: What's in the name?

Things were going well at your office meeting... Until you asked, “do we have a deal, john?” and the room fell silent. “Actually, the name's ken, and I’ll have to get back to you on that.”
Memory expert Bob Gray, author of right brain rapid recall, says memory is “absolutely trainable.”
1. “the first thing is to listen to the name,” says gray. “We’re often so pre occupied that we don’t actually hear it.”
2. after hearing the name, spell it out in your head, repeating it a few times to ingrain it on your brain.
3. If you hear an unusual name, inquire about its origins. The extra info will help make it more unforgettable.
4. Repeat their name during the conversation.
5. “Change the name to something that sounds like it but conjures up an image,” suggests gray. The Siller it is, the better it works. Thus “ken” becomes “can”. If ken is wearing a faudy tie, mentally replace it with a can of beans. If you can't remember his name, look at his tie and think of a can of beans.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Travel only like this

Tips for a great trip
Carry two credit cards separately. If one is stolen and the account is frozen, you can still feed and house yourself.
Don't pack more than you can lug up two flights of stairs.
Airline pillowcases usually aren't changed every flight. If this bothers you, bring your own.
Unless you're going to the tropics, pack gloves: Hands get cold on the most unexpected dates.
The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers has a directory of English-speaking doctors overseas who make office and hotel calls.
ATMs and computer systems can fail, so keep some cash on you. A faxed confirmation gets you into the hotel if the reservation system fails.
Bring film and spare camera batteries. Shopping for a special size where you don't speak the language is hard.

Friday, May 8, 2009

The High of Being Nice

Psychologists have long wondered what motivates people to be nice. Now American researches have found that cooperating with another persons activates the pleasure centers of the brain, the same parts that are stimulated by rewards like food or money. The scientists used magnetic resonance imaging to scan the brains of 36 women while they played the “prisoner's dilemma game,” a decades-old model for conflict and cooperation. Two players independently chose to either band together or defect. If they cooperated, they each earned $2; if both defected, each got $1. but if one cooperated and one defected, the defector was paid $3 and the cooperator got nothing. The researcher found that most of the time the women chose to cooperate. Whenever they did work together, the scientist could see stimulation in two parts of the brain associated with the pleasure. “this suggests that people find it rewarding to cooperate with each other”, says neuro scientist Greggory berns,”mutual small acts of kindness really do make you feel better”.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Communication is the Key to Success

Effective conversation is the one which reflects a person's confidence, clarity of thoughts and depths of knowledge. I agree that in the present world of cut-throat competition, good communication skills prove to be one of the basic pre-requisites of success. A person who is proficient in reading, writing and speaking fluent English definitely has an edge over his competitors. Globalization and liberalization have created demand for the persons who have internationally accepted levels of English language skills. Gone are the days when a simple graduate or postgraduate degree ensured a good job. Today, besides basic qualification, good communication skill is not simply desired but essential. Command over language along with confidence can accentuate one's personality and ensure greater professional success.


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