Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How to take your own pulse

What you are actually feeling when you take your pulse is the waves of blood traveling from the heart along the main artery. The pulse rate resembles how fast the heart beats. The pulse is normally felt at the wrist , because the beat is strong and in an easily accessible place, but pulses can be felt in many other parts of the body, such as neck.

The Resting Pulse
To take your pulse, use a watch that shows seconds
1.Hold the wrist with your right hand and move the first two fingers of your right hand until you can feel the pulse just under your thumb on the left wrist.
2.Count the number of beats that occur during a sixty seconds interval.

Multiply the number of beats by two to get the number of beats per minute.
Pulse rate varies, but 70-85 beats per minute is average for men and 75-90 beats is average for women
To use the 'resting pulse' you should do the first thing in the morning, while sitting in a relaxed position.

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