Tuesday, March 31, 2009

End your back pain

Like an expensive but temperamental sports car, the human spine is beautifully designed and maddeningly unreliable. If you're a living, breathing human being, you have probably suffered the agony of back pain. Some 80%of us will battle the condition at some point in our lives. Back-pain sufferers pay huge costs in medical bills and lost productivity at work. And as long as we continue to lead overweight, sedentary and stressful lives, we will face the risk. There are large numbers of treatments available, but to avoid the risk we need the best one. I came to know that the best alternate and popular treatment for back pain is available in India; they are non-allopathic and are certainly worth a try. Homeopathy is perhaps the most widely used non-surgical back therapy. Homeopaths say they treat not just pain, but its physiological, mental and emotional causes. Each patient therefore, is prescribed medicines best suited to them.

Microsoft shutting off access to live messenger Instant Messaging

Microsoft shuts of the live messenger access to countries embargoed by the US. The list of countries got affected by the ban is Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Cuba. When the people of those countries try to log on they reportedly got the error message as “810003c1: We are unable to sign you into the .NET Messenger Service”. According to the sanctions provided by US office of Foreign Assets Control, Microsoft has discontinued the instant messaging services.
Users where much angry on Microsoft’s windows live and Hotmail services that got a problem which left users suffer without an Inbox. Microsoft made a statement about the problem that “we encountered a problem while doing routine maintenance”.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Giant Meteorites

Earth is made up of a number of layers. In which the top most is the crust the thinnest layer, next is the mantle and after that is the outer and inner cores. The outer core is the liquid and the inner core is a solid. Meteorites are really a natural object that originates in the outer space and creates an impact in the Earth’s surface. Around 500 meteorites reach the Earth surface every year.
Most of the meteorites fall in the unpopulated areas and in the sea and so most of them are unseen. The world’s largest meteorite is found in 1920 at Namibia. It measures 2.73 * 2.43m and it is 16 per cent nickel and 82 per cent of iron. It weighs more than 60 tones. The second largest meteorite is the Tent, founded in Greenland in 1894 and now known by its original Eskimo name, Ahnighito. The second largest weighs about 57.3 tones and is on display in the New York museum of natural history.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blue-Ray Discs

Blue-Ray discs are ideal for storage of large amount of data and recording high definition HD video. The blue ray disc offers the capacity and the speed for the most demanding data storage applications. The capacity is over 25,000,000 pages of text approximately 83,000 300-pages books.
Storage of any data types is possible in Blue-ray discs. The capacity of a single blue-ray is 5 times the capacity of a DVD. Blue-ray has durable hard coat that resists finger prints and scratches. Blue ray discs are specially designed for high archival storage and data backup. Without turning the disc over 50 GB of data could be written.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Heart attacks in younger people

More and more cases of heart attacks are being observed in younger people, below the age of 40 years in all over the world. Such cases occur predominantly in young males-females forming a much smaller percentage in this groups. According to the study conducted in Vegas in 2006, it was found that the 62 patients of heart attack in younger people below the age of 45 years, occupation-wise the figures as were follows: executives or managers 4, businessmen 11, professionals(physicians and lawyers) 4, armed forces or police service 2, skilled or semi skilled workers(mechanics and technicians) 7, offices personnel(clerks and secretaries) 13, unskilled workers(labors and formers) 15, unemployed 3, housewives 3. from the above figures, it seems that no one group of people in a particular occupation is more liable to get heart attacks at a relatively younger age. In another study from china – curiously enough- manual workers suffered more heart attacks in the younger age compared with those having sedentary occupations.


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